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Rand Paul Demanding His Day in Court
(2015-06-28) The popular Senator will sue for his Constitutional Obamatrade voting power.

Flag Fights: ISIS Flag OK at Walmart
(2015-06-28) Walmart will sell you an Islamic terrorist flag cake but no Confederate flag cake.
UPDATE: The Orwellean Memory Hole
How dictators, terrorists, activists, and U.S. politicians change history to deny our past.

Supreme Court: Expectations Lost
(2015-06-28) This journalist is asking if Americans can reasonably be expected to respect the rule of law with a split Supreme Court?

SCOTUS: On Going Blue
(2015-06-27) Dick Morris writes about the liberal and unconstitutional Supremes.

2nd Amen: Gun Can Stop a Church Shooting
(2015-06-22) In 1993 a man with a .38 defeated four AK-47 armed terrorists attacking a church.

Meet the Lying Class: The 7 Percenters
(2015-06-14) Salon article puts HRC among the bottom 7 percent in honesty survey.

Obama Lesson: Cannot Trust Pelosi
(2015-06-13) Pelosi pulls the rug out from under Obamatrade. Dems not supporting lame duck.

NRA Blog: Obama Will Silence Gun Blogs
(2015-06-07) The latest executive order aims at gun blogs and firearm related web content.

Clinton: The Scandal Behind Her Scandal
(2015-06-01) Cult loyalty formed the snowflakes which ultimately drove an avalanche of scandal.
UPDATE: Is Hillary Over?
Is the Clinton monarchy over or just facing a much tougher campaign trail?

Back In: First U.S. Political Prisoner Free
(2015-06-01) Liberals hating NY Times bestseller America will not like the next book.

Blackmail? Madsen Named Hastert in 2006
(2015-05-30) The RINO effort to cover up the Hastert sex scandal compromised other leaders.
UPDATE: Money Earmarked to Cover Dirt
Read why Hastert can afford $3.5 million.

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Reasons to oppose HR5, the reauthorization of NCLB
HR 5 recently passed out of the House, co-authored by Todd Rokita (IN-04). Here is why it must be stopped in the Senate

Real Tea Party vs. Tea Party Caucus
The truth about RINO tricks to steal Tea Party support without supporting the real values.

Government Is a Powerful Special Interest
Our government spending appears controlled by special interests. Click (above) to learn which powerful special interest overpowers all others.

Picking Leaders: Apple v. Google
When you elect leaders, do you value pedigree or shirt sleeve competence? This fascinating article may explain why our President has failed.

Purdue's Patents Have Been Googled
H.R.9 introduced by Bob Goodlatte (R- Va) aims to destroy patent rights for universities like Purdue. A picture is worth a thousand words, in this case, the Congressman's own selfie.

Carnegie Mellon Studies Modern Privacy
Privacy is a real human need, but what happens when a growing and corrupt government believes it also has a need to know?

Blocking Web Site Visits from North Korea
North Korea has so few IP addresses that blocking its web visitors is easy. Enter this address listing into the IP deny list:

Rate this Cop?
The conversation moves to a sex offender type registry to report bully cops. Will citizens post comments and star ratings about their public servants? Do you have a four star mailman?

2014 Midterm Elections:
In the end, escaping the truth about failed Big Government proved impossible. Meanwhile, the Tea Party... Read our educational message.

Indiana Education:
Teaching driven by test scores only and Federal control of the classroom. Watch this Glenda Ritz video.

Indiana University's "Truthy" Project:
Do liberals hate you for your success and sense of fairness? Read about the Truthy Project at IU.

Honoring Ernest Fitzgerald:
You've probably never heard of Patriot and Pentagon analyst Ernie Fitzgerald, but you likely did hear about big government's $800 hammers and $500 toilet seats. Read Ernie's entire inspirational story.


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National Debt Counter (above):

For every million dollars big government spends, you and every member of your family are each on the hook for about a third of a penny. Maybe that doesn't sound like much, but the Federal government spends a million dollars of your money every thirty seconds. How much will your debt pennies add up to in a year? Answer: $3230
And, how much do "you" already owe? Answer: $61,000 with another two cents borrowed "for you" by big government every 3 minutes or every hour of every day. Of course, some voters like receiving a share of the $2 trillion dollars in government handouts, which is why too many politicians love the taxing and spending industry called the Federal Government. After all, it buys them votes - lots of votes. The problem lies in the fact that the National Debt now approximates America's gross national product, a tipping point comparable to owing more in credit card debt than your annual salary. When the piper has to be paid, politicians may decide to tax everything in sight - food, water,  gasoline, medical benefits, property, inheritance, life insurance, social security, children, the Internet, your wife's diamond ring, and much more. On the other hand, they may print money and destroy the value of everyone's hard earned savings overnight through inflation, the cruelest and most unfair tax of all. It seems there isn't a darn thing you can do about it, either... or do you have a choice? Join us and learn how you can put a stop to the national debt madness.

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