Honoring Ernest Fitzgerald:

     "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."   -- John Adams

You've probably never heard of Patriot and Pentagon analyst Ernie Fitzgerald, but you likely did hear about big government's $800 hammers and $500 toilet seats. Nixon fired America's first modern-era whistleblower for questioning corrupt spending, but Ernie was reinstated by a Federal Judge. He kept on fighting for the taxpayers. Before the fight was over, the Supreme Court had to put a stop to President Nixon's appetite for out of control abuse of power. Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Fitzgerald is credited with single handily saving taxpayers over $12 billion, which was real money back in Ernie's days.

Long after Nixon was out of office, Ernie was forced to blow the spending whistle a second time after the Mayor of Peoria finagled an appointment to a high level Pentagon financial position. The infamous "$800 hammer" story soon hit America's newsrooms. What may have played in Peoria, and perhaps "Big Al's," did not play well with Ernie or in the more fiscally conservative Washington, DC of the 70's and 80's.

Ernie kept protecting taxpayers and the unpopular former Mayor turned career politician soon left his Air Force appointment. After the former Peoria Mayor attacked Fitzgerald by giving him a bad performance review, Senator Charles Grassley and others, including a Federal Judge, had to step in. Grassley praised Fitzgerald while opining over the out of control Pentagon spending feast, stating Ernie was "as welcome as a skunk at a picnic."

The ex-Mayor, now ex-Pentagonist, landed a much less glamorous job representing some US interests of an unwitting German manufacturing company. His new employer competed directly with Lafayette's own TRW "Ross Gear" plant selling steering gears. The former Mayor with "big ideas" and his "Chicago way" did not stay long.

TRW walked away with the primary military steering gear contract on the Marine's new Light Armored Vehicle. The "Pentagon man" who couldn't win this key defense contract parted ways with his German colleagues but eventually politicked his way onto the board of directors of a very small public company, originally founded as a consulting firm to his home state's University of Illinois. The ex-Mayor's brother-in-law, a successful physician with ties to a respected family in Tippecanoe County, had acquired a large block of the company's stock. The former big time Mayor was going to lead the small company to big time success, including helping to rally brokers to support the stock; however, after a few years, the former defense department spender was ousted during a surprise shareholder vote "against management."

During the years leading up to a good old fashioned, mud-slinging proxy fight, two vice presidents and the CEO had all blown the whistle. Unfortunately, by the time shareholders were told enough of the truth to begin figuring it all out, the Mayor's big ideas and the company's wild spending had nearly bankrupted the tiny little business. Many of the facts are still hidden in emails and company records from the past, blocking frustrated shareholders from pursuing legitimate claims related to alleged SEC reporting violations and likely insider trading while the company silently wasted millions on a failed patent infringement suit, unqualified consultants who were old friends of management, and lavish retreats and perks for the Board, CEO, and their cronies.

The SEC brought a court action alleging stock price manipulation by a group of stock brokers, but this delivered very little benefit to the shareholders victimized by the wrongdoing. Although the tiny company typically employed less than 10 professionals, it had once been very profitable, even reporting a $6 million bank balance during better times. Before the legal wrangling ended, the CEO testified the company had been just months away from bankruptcy by the time the whistle was finally blown, although shareholders had never been fully informed of the risks. The stock exchange eventually delisted the rapidly downsizing company, but th ecompany never went bankrupt, instead continuing to be embroiled in controversy, conflict, and litigation which its shareholders cannot afford. Creditor suits are finally being filed after years of struggling just to stay solvent.

According to one of several related lawsuits, the ex-Mayor's hand picked CEO was allegedly terminated for telling board members the truth. On the other hand, the new Board of Directors (voted in when the former Mayor and his cronies were finally ousted) were less than impressed with the behaviors of the former Mayor's choice for CEO and terminated his contract accordingly. A hint of of the type of material information which had been kept secret for years surfaced in a Federal Suit challenging employment contract arbitration proceedings: The Board delivered evidence and witnesses intended to prove the termination was because of a laundry list of infractions, including allegations of making false accusations and statements, allegedly demanding erasure of his email account to cover up highly material evidence, and witness testimony stating the CEO had engaged in intimidating, threatening, and even terminating employees who simply wanted to tell the truth, including expressing concerns of fraud which would affect the shareholders.

Incredibly, the replacement for the ousted CEO had even filed yet another suit accusing the ex-Mayor of libelously telling Board members he arrived drunk at a Board meeting. A submission asking the Court to dismiss the suit revealed the old politician's amazing argument: The old ex-Mayor proffered a claim that alcoholic beverages were an important element in the small company's history and culture (the founding CEO allegedly even suffered from alcohol abuse); and, as such, there should be no harm in suggesting the new CEO may have exceeded his limit. Needless to say, the judge didn't appear to have a positive reaction.

The ex-Mayor also introduced a retired Navy Captain and loyal Pentagon friend to the company's executive placement firm. The ex-Captain, who claimed he held a PhD in Economics from Boston University, was hired and became chief operating officer. During the proxy fight, news of the Captain's fake academic credentials hit like a torpedo, drawing explosive reactions from the original University of Illinois academics who still owned shares. Enough votes migrated to the opposition to prove fatal to both ex-players. The "Dr." who wasn't a Dr. resigned, but his embarrassing saga earned him membership credentials in the Marquet International 50 Resume Liar's Club.

The ex-Mayor, ex-Pentagonist, and ex-German US subsidiary man, was finally ousted during a contentious annual shareholder meeting. Initially, the embarrassed old politician denied there was a legal quorum to permit counting the votes, but lawyers speaking for the angry shareholders and ousted CEO weren't buying any of it. The shares and votes supposedly held by the brother-in-law, if there were any left at that point, were not enough to help. The lawyer representing the angry mob of shareholders was on his feet.

Soon, the old Mayor's hands were seen trembling behind the podium. Judgment day had finally arrived. As battle lines were drawn, the ex-Mayor excused himself several times to "confer with counsel."  Dishonored and finally realizing the vote count against him was real,  the frightened old politician excused himself again to "consult with counsel," but instead slipped down the hall and elevator with his cronies, never returning to a relevant public position again. The annual meeting of shareholders, having been undermined and never properly closed by the presiding ex-Mayor, was resumed before a Magistrate Judge in Delaware who reviewed the vote counts and officially ordered the new Board of Directors into office. The little  company somehow survived.

One of Amererica's most expensive and destructive fast talkers was finally removed from power. or was he? A series of sketchy news reporting has it the serial big spender was briefly heard from as a spokesman, even sometimes reported as "President," helping out Douglas Coe, Hillary Clinton's controversial "spiritual mentor." Coe is reported as the leader of the powerful but secretive Fellowship Foundation a.k.a. the "Christian Mafia." The Fellowship Foundation sponsors The National Prayer Breakfast, held in Washington every February. The big event is preceded by several days of luncheons, break out sessions, and meetings between specially invited guests from all over the world.

Yes, this is the same yearly get together where neurosurgeon Dr.  Ben Carson gave a speech which embarrassed the current U.S. President by addressing fiscal and social leadership responsibility.

The former Peoria Mayor's appetite for revenge against whistleblowers like Ernie Fitzgerald again manifested its ugliness during the week of The National Prayer Breakfast. Department of Labor records reveal allegations the Coe-connected ex-Mayor attempted to blacklist one of the two former vice presidents who had been interviewed by the SEC years earlier. The vengeful Mayor sat down at a table with the vice president's consulting client. Soon, a conversation ensued which had little to do with prayer. According to the records, the vice president's client was at first surprised at what a small world it was, both having hired the same person; however, before long he questioned whether the vindictive old ex-Pentagonist might be up to no good, or whether the vice president might be no good.

The offended and confused businessman eventually alerted his consultant to the unwelcome character attack, also making it clear this wasn't the sort of thing intended for The National Prayer breakfast. The former vice president promptly asked his attorney to submit a written letter complaining to the Department of Labor reporting the illegal blacklisting attempt. The recalcitrant old politician had provoked yet another legal battle; however, having mastered the game of politics and payback, he pitched his revenge only when  his bases were covered.

Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, wife of Senator Mitch McConnell, was also invited to The National Prayer Breakfast as the guest speaker that same year.  The attorney's letter never prompted an investigation or response, despite Labor Department regulations requiring action. Does this example of Washington's selective justice sound all too familiar?

Many years later, the Labor Department was ordered by a Federal Appeals Court to produce its whistleblower enforcement records related to the National Prayer Breakfast case. An entry officially noting receipt of the attorney's letter was inexplicably missing from Chao's original case log. Hilda Solis, a liberal Congresswoman from California and Obama's pick to replace Chao, had taken over the Department of Labor by then; however, before long Solis was caught red handed and recorded ordering a subordinate to work on the Obama campaign  instead of doing the official work of the government.

Stealing employee time and resources from the government to raise campaign funds is a violation of the Hatch Act, and there is evidence of White House involvement. Experts suggest Solis may be exempt from the Act but her subordinates and  White House employees would not be shielded from prosecution. Obstruction of justice charges could apply if Solis engaged in or aided a cover up. In July 2014, two years after Mitt Romney lost the election, Congressman Darrell Issa finally released the incriminating recording to the public. The liberal news media mostly ignored it. Two months after her November 2012 interview with the FBI about the alleged Hatch violation, and just days after her Inspector General was noticed of yet another Labor Department scandal, this time involving an Obama appointed labor judge recruited directly from a Soros left wing organization linked to Eric Holder, Solis decided it was best to submit a hasty resignation (for details click the link above, then scroll way down to "WMR Obama's secret war on whistleblowers"). After returning to California, Solis eventually landed a part time, temporary teaching position, and Obama appointed controversial Tom Perez as Secretary of Labor, perhaps to cover up all the cover ups.

Perez had already begun to draw fire from Republicans over the Black Panther Case along with his political handling of the dismissal of the  Supreme Court's racially charged Magner v. Gallagher case. Magner was not a case American minorities wanted the Justices to decide. There were serious accusations of Justice Department cover up of voter intimidation by the illegal presence of armed Black Panthers at the entrance to polling locations. Cynical but pragmantic liberals seemed to see Perez' real talent as politically and legally justifying selective prosecution and cover ups, not protecting America from violations of regulatory rules or criminal activities. A concerned Congressional faction fought to stop the Perez appointment. In the end, perhaps it was having executive timber strong enough to get the Black Panthers a free pass and still duck responsibility which made Perez the perfect Obama first round draft pick to become Secretary of Labor, one of the country's most hard hitting and pro-union regulatory agnecies. Eventually, as the slow gears of investigation turned, email evidence was handed over indicating Perez was indeed "intimately involved" in the decision to drop the Black Panther Case; and, therefore, Perez probably committed perjury when he testified on the subject, expressly denying his apparent politically and racially motivated interference with the justice system. Perjury is seldom prosecuted, even when the consequences are grave.

In 2013, investigate journalists published at Watchdog.org reported allegations of additional Department of Labor corruption including FOIA violations and harassment of political enemies. Sound familiar? It appears the Department of Labor is one regulatory agency which needs to be better regulated.

Between Chao's prayers that the embarrassing National Prayer Breakfast scandal would stay swept under the rug and Solis' alleged preference for illegally campaigning for her boss instead of working, the legal complaint over illegal blacklisting by the vengeful ex-Mayor remains uninvestigated to this day, locked in the big government bureaucracy for nearly a decade. The Federal Court judges concluded they did not have proper jurisdiction to review the case until after the Department of Labor completed the investigation as is required by law. Perhaps the new Secretary of Labor will get around to doing his real job if things ever slow down.

The National Prayer Breakfast's stealthy and cult-like clan was exposed in a book by a former Family member, who blew the whistle on the group's oddly formulated Washington "mission." Author and journalist Jeff Sharlet uncloaked the organization's tax exempt townhouse "charity" location, revealing it as a "luxury place" complete with a chef, elegant dining room, and common place for gathering and politicking.

The old Peoria Mayor surfaced during the media frenzy to handle the unwanted publicity. The uniquely deployed million dollar townhouse housed congressional and senate leaders under a special low rent deal. The scandalous facts gave every appearance of offering the "Center's" powerful tenants a rock bottom rental rate in exchange for mandatory attendance at weekly prayer breakfasts. To no one's surprise, participants in the weekly "prayer" sessions included invited businessmen and other special friends of The Fellowship Foundation.

All said and written, word on the street had it a knock on the door would still earn a needy stranger a can of soup. The place was, after all, sold to the tax man as a non-profit church mission. The antibiotic of media sunlight began to treat the bacteria of what many suspected was phony tax exempt status. Perhaps this bit of American history helps put the IRS scandal into perspective. If not, consider the challenge to the tax exempt status of Obama's United Church of Christ. What's good for the goose, eh?

The District of Columbia was determined to collect its real estate taxes on the million dollar "C Street Center" and its ex-Mayor "President" from Peoria couldn't stop them. Incredibly, the whistle had been blown yet again, this time by Jeff Sharlet, perhaps making the ex-Mayor the all time record holder for drawing whistleblower complaints. Of course, the jury is still out with respect to how many have blown the whistle on our current President.

As for the old ex-Mayor, he quietly faded away, at least for now. On the other hand, the Coe group continues to tempt ambitious politicians into the "prayer group" trap, a decision which many eventually regret.

Wikipedia reports Indiana's own US Senator Dan Coats, also a former Washington lobbyist, as an active member of Coe's Fellowship clan, albeit the resume line item being incorrectly categorized under the heading "Personal life." Unlike most churches, Coe's main organization is now allegedly registered as "for profit" and, given the agendas of the National Prayer Breakfast, undeniably a part of the DC political scene. Also noted, Hillary Clinton is active in The Fellowship.

Hillary Clinton's powerful spiritual organization strives to remain secretive, which creates a concern over which of the Washington Mullahs is going to be next to in line grab political power. More recently, however, Clinton's new book bombed and her popularity plummeted, only getting worse after her public "Don't do stupid stuff" criticism of Obama's Iraq policy.

Political experts no longer consider Hillary Clinton a shoe in candidate for President in 2016, and her relevancy in the DC political scene continues to slide. A leading DC insider has even researched the many parallels between Hillary Clinton and Richard Nixon (subscription required). Nixon was noted for openly criticizing Eisenhower, essentially calling his boss and President of the United States stupid. Eisenhower's angry response, quipping to media it might take a week to think of something Nixon had actually accomplished while in office, was used by Kennedy in his campaign. It all backfired and Nixon felt kicked around when the fight was over and the election lost.

At age 27, the young lawyer Hillary Clinton had front line exposure to Nixon's political approach, his "enemies list," and campaign strategies when she served as part of the Watergate scandal legal team. With respect to Clinton's jealousy of her boss, there has always been speculation whether she had a role selecting and inviting Dr. Ben Carson to the National Prayer Breakfast. Prior to the 2008 election, the Coe organization was rumored as the force behind the IRS legal challenge to the tax exempt status of Obama's United Church of Christ. Clinton's 2008 refusal to pull out of the primary when she could not possibly win, followed by closed door negotiation with the Obama camp to land the Secretary of State spot, may also the doing of Coe and his members. The CIA-like group is intensely interested in international business opportunities, and would logically prefer enhanced international influence over a the VP seat, which would only grant access to an already hostile President.

Clinton's now widely known relationship with highly controversial Douglas Coe brought many of the once secret organization's activities into public light, ultimately harming her reputation far more than Coe's. Like the old Mayer from Peoria,  her Nixon-like ambition and the temptation of dancing with the DC devil appears to be a significant factor contributing to her downfall.

As for Ernie...

There still aren't enough honest citizens like Ernie Fitzgerald to turn on all the lights in all the dark halls of government.

And, finally returning to the story of Patriot Ernie Fitzgerald, he wrote a fascinating book about the sleaze and corruption he encountered during his long and renowned career working at the Pentagon. His educational memoirs do include a section about dealing with his Pentagon boss and former Mayor, the man who somehow managed to play well in Peoria (or at least wanted everybody to believe he did, but nowhere else.

Somebody managed to get Ernie's book out of print, perhaps a player with enough cash to buy the copyright; but a few copies are still floating around. Before the Internet, this was one way to keep things quiet.

If you were to meet Ernie in person, perhaps a line from the movie Top Gun would say it all: "So, you're the one?" Indeed, he is.

Sadly, Ernie, now retired, is recovering from a recent stroke. He can speak and read, but remains in a wheel chair and would love to hear from fellow Patriots. Please pass the word about this tax protecting legend and join millions of taxpayers who are sending cards and best wishes. Let's tell Ernie we appreciate every tax dollar he saved us.

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