Democrats were correct to be terrified of the Midterm elections, and more than willing to exile their own President in a desperate attempt to save their own political careers. In the end, escaping the truth about failed Big Government proved impossible.

eanwhile, the Tea Party is doubling down adding more Patriots every day, and our hard work is about to be rewarded in the mid-term election.

Desperate strategies are being adopted by the President and his followers hoping to duck the inevitable left wing disaster. One visible example is the shameless fund raising (while the world is coming apart) in order to purchase "carpet bombing" television advertising in the final days before the election. Another strategy reveals nearly every Democratic candidate keeping distant from "damaged goods" Obama. The administration may be manipulating the oil industry to lower the price of gasoline just to "keep  them happy until after the election." The stock market is bubbling up to record levels, but watch out come November. Finally, with the writing already on the wall and poll numbers at an all time low, a desperate President Obama even tried to provoke his inevitable impeachment before the mid-term election. Of course, the need for impeachment prodeedings is a big part of the motivation to gain Republican control of the Senate this year.

The outlier to the poorly coordinated Democratic party war plan is the poorly coordinated personal game plan of Hillary Clinton. Given the historical pendulum swing which typically does not let one party remain dominant over the other for long, she would clearly benefit from Republican control of the Senate. Simply stated, control of the House and Senate would be about the only thing possible to drive some voters to elect another Democrat as President, assuming she could even win the nomination (see below). And, these days a tiny number of votes in just the right states can mean the difference between winning and losing. To this point, the always self-serving Clinton and her Fellowship organization handlers have joined Obama's more vocal critics, even evoking the "S" word, which is to say referring to her former boss as having done "stupid stuff."

Hillary's publicity stunt backfired as the President barked back with a barn yard epithet, which, to be presidential, required striking the word "bull" and substituting the higher class word "horse." For a moment, it was as if Obama was seeking acceptance by Jackie Kennedy's own upscale Peapack, New Jersey neighborhood with its hundred million dollar estates of Far Hills, US Equestrian Team headquarters of Tewksbury, and Essex Hunt Club of Bedmiinster. Unlike Barack O, Jackie "O" proved she could ride; in fact, breaking through the "Catholic ceiling" to gain membership into the Hunt Club. At this point in his presidency, it is clear Barack Obama will never be the African American Jack Kennedy, despite stealing ideas from Kennedy's campaign. Obama is proving to be yet another weak president with a street mouth that goes off whenever the truth is uttered or yet another whistleblower surfaces. For that matter, Michelle O can't even able to ride her way into a healthy school lunch program without things tasting sour.

This is not Camelot. The horses aren't pretty, nobody is sweeping up after them, and the distinctively recognizable smell, perhaps covered only by the incense of increasingly legal marijuana, is what really worries the Democrats. No matter what they say or do, they just can't seem to clear the air.  You just can't tell folks the baby doesn't need changed when the room reeks to high heaven.

After the ping "stupid stuff" pong "horses#!t" moments dropped approval polls to record lows, the widely advertised "hug moment" at lovely Martha's Vineyard even backfired, adding more cynics to a warehouse sized room full of skeptics. It is as if generational resistance to the antibiotics of political rhetoric has kicked in. The new MRSA strain of American voters have become far more skeptical than the gullible television audiences of the 1950's. In fact, it isn't even clear how many young Americans even watch TV these days, and putting political messages into video games remains in its infancy, for example, the "Tea Party Zombies Must Die" video game failed to go viral as its creators hoped, and did not stir animus between ordinary citizens with more community reasons to work together than not to. To this last point, now that Al Sharpton and his activist team have abandoned Ferguson, it is the St. Louis Tea Party who is leading the restoration and repair plan, helping to fund local businesses damaged by the Sharpton-Obama induced race riots. (See below.)

The nose of the new, educated American voter is trained to recognize the smell of "media bull," or White House "horses#!t," or whatever new name you try to give it, even through the Rocky Mountain doobie fog. These young voters can taste the difference between 100 percent barley malt craft brew served in Breckenridge and Joe Sixpack's "product" made with "rice fermentables" and "beech wood" flavoring shipped in a can from St. Louis, despite those pricy, tear jerking Super Bowl ads with cute puppies and big strong, beautifully groomed horses.

In addition, the rules of "fast forgetting" and the public being "quick to forgive if you admit your mistakes" just don't apply anymore. These new challenges are keeping the old Democratic party spin doctors awake at night, and helping a few RINO's understand how the Tea Party will track their voting record to make them put up or shut up.

In summary, nothing works other than sincere truth with actual follow through, and it seems, perhaps for the first time in a very long time, that "credibility" can no longer be manufactured in a political party war room. Voters know a Disney-made musketeer turned tramp when they see one.

It's what Obama did, not what he said, that caused his utter failure as  President of the United States. Indeed, the man is a wonderfully stimulating speaker, except that the rhetorical horse manure is thinly transparent to any listener with a moderate level of life experience or education. He may have failed to change America as he promised, but Obama has changed the country's voters.

At this point in history, America is at risk of picking a leader who is genuine, and this is good news for the Tea Party and all Americans. In 2018, the first genuine leader in a long time will begin to guide us out of the recession, take America back to a position of world leadership, and will start the long awaited American healing process. Stay tuned for the return of pride and confidence. With a little more luck, another "greatest generation" in America and a time of unbelievable prosperity will emerge as we all embrace our contribution to the greatness we call America. Today's painful lessons will help voters select leaders who simply trust their common sense and truth rather than relying on the rhetorical tricks once taught in political science classes, mentored in back rooms of powerful law forms, or traded for yet more influence by Washington's secret prayer breakfast cult.

The message to Tea Party Patriots is here: If you secretly doubt you have the power to win, even knowing you are weaker despite being on the right path, do not underestimate the opposition's ability to blow it. Know your enemy and let their mistakes become your arrows. The same lesson was once explained in a continuing legal education class led by an English barrister (lawyer): "We put on a terrible case despite having the facts and law on our side. It was a disaster and we seemed to make every mistake possible. By the time we rested, I was certain the Judge had written us off entirely. Then the other side put on its case. They were even worse than us. Much worse. To my surprise, we won. In litigation, never underestimate the ability of your opposition to screw up."

Thank you, Hillary, and double thanks to you, Barack. We appreciate all you have done to prove how smaller government, lower taxes, and following the Constitution will be good for America. It seems the signs and signals of what mid-term elections are going to be like for both of you are all around us.

Hillary's sudden emulation of the higher ethical values and even a few political views shared by Tea Party Patriots isn't surprising in the above context; and, more importantly, she is not fooling anyone either. Rand Paul calling Clinton a "hawk" pointed to her desperation, not her position on defending American interests overseas. Remember, this is the woman who created the political advertisement saying: "It's 3 AM and your children are safe and asleep. Who do you want answering the phone?" When that real "3 AM call" actually came to Hillary Clinton in her role as Secretary of State, the result was Benghazi, with seven dead Americans, 35 critically injured, and a huge CIA secret weapons cache captured by Islamic terrorists.

We all remember the character Julia Roberts brilliantly played in the movie Pretty Woman. When Richard Gere's character asked "What's your name?" She quipped back, "It's whatever you want it to be." That's Hillary, for sure. Unfortunately, politically she's not a very pretty role model, and just as Nancy Pelosi wanted to pass Obamacare so we could see what was in the bill, Clinton prefers voters to simply elect her so they can find out what she will really do as President.

In a world of educated and cynical voters, Hillary Clinton now faces the reality this isn't going to happen. America is now filled with  the new BS-resistant strains of voters across all party groups. And, for that matter, voter education is exactly what this web site is all about. When Clinton exhibits animus towards her old boss, she has a reason that goes beyond the debate. Post Obama voters now demand far more authenticity and credibility than ever before. Obama has ruined the party for chameleon politicians like her. Whether voters lean left or the right, this element - insisting on truth and higher credibility -  is something all voters now share. Both sides have made a promise to themselves not be be made the fool a second time over. In this light, considering Hillary as a candidate represents an unacceptably high risk, one the Democrats cannot afford to take. 

The credibility race is precisely why Clinton suffered nearly instant irreverence within the field of candidates. Her book bombed, she only generates controversial news, every gaffe seems to make a headline, and even Bill seems a reluctant supporter. The facts suggest she will never be able to cross the T's and dot the I's despite her self-proclaimed, magnificent credentials for the job. The old Hillary hasn't changed a wink in 40 years since the moment her opposing counsel took note of Hillary Clinton's difficulty sticking with the truth rather than submitting the facts and letting the courtroom chips fall where they may.

In a nutshell, here is why she will never win: For Hillary Clinton, first, its always about her, and, second, its always about her winning. Today's educated and sophisticated voter knows this, and the educated and sophisticated voters make all the difference needed in today's close presidential races. Clinton was once a "Young Republican" (a fact we are suddenly reminded of), was never "broke" (other than ethically), and bears no loyalty other than to herself, preferring to tout her "credentials" over substance at all times, while demanding huge speaker fees perhaps modeling out the newest upscale resume line item, if not merely doing it for "proof" of her fragile self-importance.

Yes, let it be said out loud that Hillary Clinton remains a textbook "spoiled child," exactly the type welcomed and mentored by the Coe group, for a high political price, of course. Patriot's easily recognize these Patty Hurst traits, as does her very patient and understanding husband. A few years ago, Bill was wise enough to relocate Hillary to a private hospital in order to hide serious health problems which might bar her candidacy, but post-Obama and post-Benghazi, he now he faces a new and more awkward challenge: What face saving event can pull Hillary gracefully away from running in a race she could never win? In the alternative, his wife will forever face the painful truth of never being good enough for the American people, no matter how high the speaker fees soar.

The cruel reality is that most Americans don't pull voting levers to avoid hurting a candidate's feelings or because of a psychological promise triggered eight years earlier, but formed mostly after the person they did pick turned out to be a disaster. To the contrary, in the brutal world of politics, these are the classic conditions for a dark horse candidate to sprint to the front of the race. The better the horse is at not slipping on the manure scattered all over thee track, the faster it will reach the front of the pack. Bill Clinton knows this very well, and certainly well enough to realize his wife is slipping badly because voters are cynical about all those black marks on her CV.

As first lady, did she really want universal health care or did she just like throwing lavish parties for the health care advisory team? As Secretary of State, did she ever make the world a more peaceful place, or did she just love all that first class travel? And, we mean really, really first class travel in her own Big Gov 747.

Even if Hillary quietly fades from the 2018 Democratic political plans, the mid-term election considerations still remain, with the prospect of a blood bath looming.  Insiders are also suggesting the disconnected party leader behaviors and increased visibility into Obama's daily job performance metrics may be a welcome part of a more desperate plan to shift media focus away from a string of very serious corruption within the administration itself. If they're talking about, and apologizing for, Obama's callous rush to the golf course after an American is beheaded on YouTube, then they are not reporting the IRS lies to Congress.

The "mea culpa" theory goes something like this: All errors are suddenly admitted by the party,  credibility rises, and then the President becomes a martyr just to "rally the vote." In other words, "you, the voter, have the chance to fix what we screwed up by picking a refreshing new Democrat to lead America toward better times." On the other hand, the Tea Party didn't screw up America, and neither did the majority of Republicans. This simple argument is where the advantage lies. If your Toyota had a bad gas pedal, do you want another Toyota on the promise it is fixed, or would you rather have a new Chevy?

People are likely to pick a new, conservative candidate. It avoids "damaged goods" and remains preferable to the liberal Democrats' love of big, intrusive government control over every aspect of their lives - from choosing which doctor heals them (or kills them) to which light bulbs they are permitted to buy and even how much soda the government will let them drink.

Liberal bullying now has Americans so turned off, worried Democrats prefer the euphemism "progressive" over the term "liberal," the latter all too often seated next to words like "flaming," "lying," "whacko," or even the President's horse word, or its beef producer analog. A Google search with quotes around both words demonstrates over 70,000 published articles now include the words "flaming liberal" rather than "liberal."

At the 2016 polls, the question voters will ask has nothing to do with what color lipstick is put on the Democratic pig. It's actually very simple: Do you want freedom or another flaming, lying, whacko liberal legislator in charge of things? In 2018 the same question will emerge as part of the Presidential race. The current polls suggest very few Americans now have an appetite for "progressive" government, and the number keeps dropping as more voters finally understand what the real meaning of "is progressive" is.

When the 2018 battle is finally won, it will take years to flush the government of all the Lois Lerner type bureaucrats Obama has embedded into positions of power capable of making your life miserable in countless little annoying ways.

So, can the most unpopular leader in America's history save his crippled party through an insane Presidential implosion? Perhaps the idea isn't all that crazy given the fact that all the impeachment baiting fueled primarily by Democrats has just helped the Democratic party raise $1 million in campaign donations in a single day.

It seems people are asking what will happen if Congress calls the President's bluff and impeachment actually begins? On this point the old line Republican leaders were so intimidated they ended all the chatter over whether the nightmare President will be impeached at all, instead suggesting he may be permitted to complete his term. Americans can only hope this was merely strategic and pray for a Republican Senate majority. The pressure for impeachment comes from American citizens contacting legislators to  demand impeachment because the dictator President refuses to stop breaking the same laws they, as citizens, must obey.

The President's incredibly arrogant response to impeachment threats? He announced plans to craft an executive order granting amnesty to nearly as many as 6 million illegal immigrants already in the country and opening the borders for more. In other words, Obama threatened a nuclear version of his cowardly "phone and pen" leadership style; and then, he dared Congress to initiate impeachment proceedings (or forever waive complaints about his executive style). Obama decided to do this just as Congress was about to break session, perhaps so it would look like impeachment isn't very important to congress, or perhaps as a risk hedge. Back in the days Obama was a practicing attorney, maybe he liked to have his lawsuits served on Christmas Eve? If the President really did fall on his sword before 2018, it just might improve the low voter turnout in untapped political districts like Ferguson, Missouri.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), one of the few remaining elected objectors to the President's pattern of impeachable offenses, stated Americans will no longer tolerate "nullification of federal immigration laws". Indeed, in the face of crisis after crisis brought on by failure to obey the simple law of the land, Americans in all political parties are running out of patience with President's seemingly continuous attacks on the our way of life. Simply put, he is a provocative trouble maker and bully. Now he is called a "progressive" president, and as such, some suggest he is a "flaming progressive." Many former supporters now believe he is a false progressive and con man.

The leading immigration rights advocates are even unhappy with the President's unlawful methods. The events in Ferguson drew plenty of criticism of Obama - not from Republicans -  but from black leaders. Obama sent Al Sharpton to Missouri to muffle the criticism of the Administration which promised everything and then let down many black Americans. Despite the voter registration tables set up at the "rally" locations, the jury is still out on future black voter turn out in Ferguson. The last turnout rate for African American voter in Ferguson was a dismal 12 percent.

One can certainly argue that one of the reasons African American voters in this unfortunate St. Louis suburb are not represented in government is because most of them - 88 percent - don't appear to care or know any better. On the other hand, if they were educated about free markets and economies, then shown the alternative to government controlling every aspect of their welfare and lives, perhaps a few Ferguson residents would close the drape on the voting booth, pull the lever in their best economic interests, and then never admit to fellow hood members they made an informed decision to vote in their own economic interests rather than perpetuate employment for welfare industry bureaucrats.

To the above points, when cleanup time finally came to Ferguson, it was the St. Louis Tea Party and its Patriots who moved into action to help damaged businesses restore operations, even though CNN and MSNBC did not cover the story. Perhaps Obama was teeing off rather than worry himself over a few burned out retailers, restaurants, gas stations, and offices.

We can only dream... but for now, not voting is better than voting, if voting means being duped into voting for the welfare lifestyle. Ferguson citizens are being used and misled to vote for Big Gov and the "progressive" agenda which can only let them down in the end.

To this point, the civil unrest in Ferguson was attributed to outsiders, including many "community organizers" you paid for with tax dollars. The vast majority of the people arrested for getting more than a little passionate over the politics of Ferguson were not from Ferguson.  Remember, only 12 percent of Ferguson's people cared enough to weigh in on who should occupy the White House. The locals were not interested in burning down their town. It was the "progressive" outsiders who came in a did this for them.

Perhaps by 2018, the the left will attempt to transform Obama's propensity for lawlessness and incompetence into political spin about "the beautiful and honorable man destroyed by ignorant, right ring, racist illuminati extremists?" (See "SIDEBAR" below)

Don't worry,  Patriots. Educated Citizens in Action are not falling for any of it. Those who know the truth know we're about hard working, tax paying patriotic Americans of all races and religions who are simply tired of crooked politicians wasting our tax dollars on vote buying, cronyism, nepotism, and other useless, self-serving liberal ideas. Our advice is simple: Stay the course, educate yourself with the truth, listen to your wallet, and vote with your heart. Stay tuned. We know who is going to win this election.

SIDEBAR: Understanding Impeachment

Impeachment is initiated in the US House of Representatives subject to confirmation by the US Senate, and may be used to remove any public official in the federal government, including the President. To understand this Constitutional process, read the example of Alcee Hastings, a former Florida federal judge impeached after being "charged with accepting a $150,000 bribe in exchange for a lenient sentence and a return of seized assets for 21 counts of racketeering by Frank and Thomas Romano."

Incredibly, the legislators who passed his articles of impeachment failed to prohibit Hastings from running for office in the future. Yes, you guessed it, Alcee Hastings is the same Democrat elected to the US House of Representatives to hold the seat from the 20th District of Florida, a spot formerly held by Democrat and noted liberal Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Did being a "victim" of impeachment proceedings turn "civil rights advocate" Hastings into an even more popular martyr? Perhaps, but you decide.

Hastings is known among conservatives for his unchecked hatred of conservative icon Sarah Palin, allegedly stating: "Anybody toting guns and stripping moose don't care too much about what they do with Jews and blacks. So, you just think this through."

The highly controversial Hastings reported a negative net worth, apparently in debt, claiming to be the poorest man in Congress. On the other hand, CREW reports Hastings at the top of the nepotism list: "Rep. Alcee Hastings, (D-FL) paid his girlfriend $622,574." OK, check the National Debt counter above, and think this through.

Yikes! Now we have been educated on why the writers of our  Constitution included a process for impeachment.

By the way, what about stripping the Federal treasury when there's no meat left on the bones? At least the moose contributed something that could be put to good use.

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