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Rand Paul Demanding His Day in Court
(2015-06-28) The popular Senator will sue for his Constitutional Obamatrade voting power.

Flag Fights: ISIS Flag OK at Walmart
(2015-06-28) Walmart will sell you an Islamic terrorist flag cake but no Confederate flag cake.
UPDATE: The Orwellean Memory Hole
How dictators, terrorists, activists, and U.S. politicians change history to deny our past.

Supreme Court: Expectations Lost
(2015-06-28) This journalist is asking if Americans can reasonably be expected to respect the rule of law with a split Supreme Court?

SCOTUS: On Going Blue
(2015-06-27) Dick Morris writes about the liberal and unconstitutional Supremes.

2nd Amen: Gun Can Stop a Church Shooting
(2015-06-22) In 1993 a man with a .38 defeated four AK-47 armed terrorists attacking a church.

Meet the Lying Class: The 7 Percenters
(2015-06-14) Salon article puts HRC among the bottom 7 percent in honesty survey.

Obama Lesson: Cannot Trust Pelosi
(2015-06-13) Pelosi pulls the rug out from under Obamatrade. Dems not supporting lame duck.

NRA Blog: Obama Will Silence Gun Blogs
(2015-06-07) The latest executive order aims at gun blogs and firearm related web content.

Clinton: The Scandal Behind Her Scandal
(2015-06-01) Cult loyalty formed the snowflakes which ultimately drove an avalanche of scandal.
UPDATE: Is Hillary Over?
Is the Clinton monarchy over or just facing a much tougher campaign trail?

Back In: First U.S. Political Prisoner Free
(2015-06-01) Liberals hating NY Times bestseller America will not like the next book.

Blackmail? Madsen Named Hastert in 2006
(2015-05-30) The RINO effort to cover up the Hastert sex scandal compromised other leaders.
UPDATE: Money Earmarked to Cover Dirt
Read why Hastert can afford $3.5 million.

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Reasons to oppose HR5, the reauthorization of NCLB
HR 5 recently passed out of the House, co-authored by Todd Rokita (IN-04). Here is why it must be stopped in the Senate

Real Tea Party vs. Tea Party Caucus
The truth about RINO tricks to steal Tea Party support without supporting the real values.

Government Is a Powerful Special Interest
Our government spending appears controlled by special interests. Click (above) to learn which powerful special interest overpowers all others.

Picking Leaders: Apple v. Google
When you elect leaders, do you value pedigree or shirt sleeve competence? This fascinating article may explain why our President has failed.

Purdue's Patents Have Been Googled
H.R.9 introduced by Bob Goodlatte (R- Va) aims to destroy patent rights for universities like Purdue. A picture is worth a thousand words, in this case, the Congressman's own selfie.

Carnegie Mellon Studies Modern Privacy
Privacy is a real human need, but what happens when a growing and corrupt government believes it also has a need to know?

Blocking Web Site Visits from North Korea
North Korea has so few IP addresses that blocking its web visitors is easy. Enter this address listing into the IP deny list:

Rate this Cop?
The conversation moves to a sex offender type registry to report bully cops. Will citizens post comments and star ratings about their public servants? Do you have a four star mailman?

2014 Midterm Elections:
In the end, escaping the truth about failed Big Government proved impossible. Meanwhile, the Tea Party... Read our educational message.

Indiana Education:
Teaching driven by test scores only and Federal control of the classroom. Watch this Glenda Ritz video.

Indiana University's "Truthy" Project:
Do liberals hate you for your success and sense of fairness? Read about the Truthy Project at IU.

Honoring Ernest Fitzgerald:
You've probably never heard of Patriot and Pentagon analyst Ernie Fitzgerald, but you likely did hear about big government's $800 hammers and $500 toilet seats. Read Ernie's entire inspirational story.


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National Debt Counter (above):

For every million dollars big government spends, you and every member of your family are each on the hook for about a third of a penny. Maybe that doesn't sound like much, but the Federal government spends a million dollars of your money every thirty seconds. How much will your debt pennies add up to in a year? Answer: $3230
And, how much do "you" already owe? Answer: $61,000 with another two cents borrowed "for you" by big government every 3 minutes or every hour of every day. Of course, some voters like receiving a share of the $2 trillion dollars in government handouts, which is why too many politicians love the taxing and spending industry called the Federal Government. After all, it buys them votes - lots of votes. The problem lies in the fact that the National Debt now approximates America's gross national product, a tipping point comparable to owing more in credit card debt than your annual salary. When the piper has to be paid, politicians may decide to tax everything in sight - food, water,  gasoline, medical benefits, property, inheritance, life insurance, social security, children, the Internet, your wife's diamond ring, and much more. On the other hand, they may print money and destroy the value of everyone's hard earned savings overnight through inflation, the cruelest and most unfair tax of all. It seems there isn't a darn thing you can do about it, either... or do you have a choice? Join us and learn how you can put a stop to the national debt madness.

Put the future of America on your calendar...

Agenda for our Citizens in Action Meeting: To Be Announced
Speaker: Open Microphone Event
Date: To Be Announced
   Location: ,
Time: 1800 - 1900 (6:00 PM - 7:00 PM)

Join Fellow Patriots for Our Meeting

Please check back soon for our next meeting announcement.

About our Citizens in Action Organization meetings...
Citizens in Action is pleased to present new and interesting luminaries, political leaders, candidates, and subject matter experts every month to help educate Tippecanoe County and Indiana voters.
Always on Tap:

     Letters to editors and communications with elected officials. News/war/scandal/recaps...
     What keeps you awake at night?
               Out of control spending? Exploding gasoline prices and electric rates? Political self dealing?
                       Retaliatory IRS audits? Secret surveillance? Hypocrisy? Property confiscation?
                                 Who's in your wallet?
     Reports from other meetings/national trends/candidates willing to take action. More...


Book: Extortion: How Politicians Extract Your Money, Buy Votes, and Line Their Own Pockets by Peter Schweitzer, Government Accountability Institute ("Every American should read this book.")
Book: Is Administrative Law Unlawful?  by Pilip Hamburger ("...to control Americans through its own administrative rules")
Book: The Liberty Amendment by Mark Levin ("...an outstanding scholar and intellectual force multiplier for liberty.")
Book: The Pentagonists: An Insider's View of Waste, Mismanagement and Fraud in Defense Spending by Ernie Fitzgerald ("fired... for violating the code of silence regarding military waste")
Book: The Corruption Chronicles: Obama's Big Secrecy, Big Corruption, and Big Government by Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch ("...exposes Obama administration secrecy, secrets, and corruption")
Movie: America Imagine the World Without Her by Dinesh D'Souza and John Sullivan ("Besides being entertaining, this movie includes interesting facts every American should know.")

"Every American should read the Constitution." - TP Lafayette Leader

Please join us...   and join our movement towards a common sense America!

If  you would like to be a featured speaker, please reach out to us via email.

MISSION STATEMENT: We will work to restore limited government, fiscal responsibility and responsible, transparent representation through citizen action and education. We recognize that we must exercise constant vigilance in order to preserve the blessings of liberty and to uphold the Constitutions of the State of Indiana and the United States of America.

Recap of Our February 5 Meeting - Report from the TOP at the Statehouse!
Speaker(s): Al Parsons & Mike Morris & YOU


Recap of Our January 8 Meeting - Mid Term Election Wrap Up at NEW LOCATION!
Speaker(s): Alan & David Ford

Recap of Our December 4 Meeting - Lafayette CIA welcomes Senator Buchanan
Speaker(s): Senator Brian Buchanan


Recap of Our Nov 6 Meeting - Meet Author David Lantz on Election Evening
Speaker(s): David Lantz


Recap of Our October 2 Meeting - CORRECTION: Local Government and You
Speaker(s): Julie Roush, Fairfield Township Trustee


Recap of Our Sept 4 Meeting - The Patriot 104.3: Talk Radio Has Returned to Lafayette!
Speaker(s): Ski Anderson, Program Director


Recap of Our Aug 7 Meeting - Field Organizing for the 2018 Election
Speaker(s): Brittany Daniel Wallace


Recap of Our July 3 Meeting - Pre-Independence Day Meeting
Speaker(s): Alan & David Ford


Recap of Our June 5 Meeting - Post Primary Recap and General Election Planning
Speaker(s): Ben Grieser with Mike Braun For Indiana


Recap of Our May 1 Meeting - West Lafayette Police Chief Q & A
Speaker(s): Chief Jason Dombkowski, Candidate Tippecanoe Co Sheriff

Recap of Our April 3 Meeting - Meet Jared Guy Thomas Candidate IN-4
Speaker(s): Jared Guy Thomas

Recap of Our March 6 Meeting - Meet Jim Baird - Candidate for IN-4
Speaker(s): Jim Baird (Indiana House Rep Dist #44)


Recap of Our February 6 Meeting - IN-4 Candidate Steve Braun will join us!
Speaker(s): Steve Braun


Recap of Our January 2 Meeting - IN-4 Candidate Jim Baird will join us!
Speaker(s): Jim Baird


Recap of Our December 5 Meeting - LEARNING FROM OUR PAST and CHARTING OUR FUTURE
Speaker(s): DJ Tucker, Program & Membership Director Tippecanoe County Historical Association

Recap of Our November 7 Meeting - Draining the Swamps in DC and Indy
Speaker(s): Justin Stevens, Americans For Prosperity


Recap of Our October 3 Meeting - The KEY race of 2018! DUMP DONNELLY!
Speaker(s): YOU!!!

Recap of Our September 5 Meeting - IN-4 Candidate Diego Morales will join us!
Speaker(s): Diego Morales

Recap of Our August 1 Meeting - The KEY race of 2018! DUMP DONNELLEY!
Speaker(s): YOU!!!


Recap of Our June 6 Meeting - 2018 Preview of State Races
Speaker(s): David and Alan Ford


Recap of Our May 2 Meeting - Indiana Attorney General at Tippecanoe Public Library
Speaker(s): Attorney General Curtis Hill


Recap of Our April 4 Meeting - Law Enforcement and Youth Justice Reform
Speaker(s): LPD Chief Patrick J. Flannelly


Recap of Our March 7 Meeting - Taxes, and more taxes!!
Speaker(s): Chuck Hockema


Recap of Our February 7 Meeting - The Election Results Analysis & Indiana's Gas Tax
Speaker(s): David and Alan Ford


Recap of Our January 3 Meeting - The Feds' Ongoing Assualt on Property Rights
Speaker(s): Paul Morinville, President of US Inventor


Recap of Our December 6 Meeting - The Election is over. NOW what?
Speaker(s): YOU!!!

Recap of Our November 1 Meeting - Voter registration system vulnerabilities and campaign wrap up
Speaker(s): Dave Bangert Lafayette Journal & Courier


Recap of Our June 7 Meeting - Primary wrap up and pre-convention review
Speaker(s): YOU!!!


Recap of Our April 5 Meeting - PRIMARY PREVIEW:
Speaker(s): Mike Morris, Moderator


Recap of Our March 1 Meeting - Is an EMP a real threat?
Speaker(s): Cindy Noe

Cindy gave an impassioned (and disturbing) presentation on the threat of an EMP and catastrophic, long term power failure. She also detailed the general lack of any sense of urgency at the Federal and State levels. Below is a list of books she recommends for further study and action:

Blackout Wars
Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

Apocalypse Unknown
The Struggle To Protect America From An Electromagnetic Pulse Catastrophe
Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

Electric Armageddon
Dr. Peter Vincent Pry

The three book above may be purchased through either Amazon or www.createspace.com

Lights Out
Ted Koppel
Crown Publishers
Available at Amazon or bookstore

Guilty Knowledge
Center for Security Policy Press
Phone (202) 835-9077
Email: info@securefreedom.org

A couple of websites:

Read full report...

Recap of Our February 2 Meeting - The Clean Power Plan and how it affects Indiana:
Speaker(s): Stephanie McFarland, APR

Some points to bear in mind when writing your elected officials and the media:

The Clean Power Plan
Impacts on Indiana
AUGUST 3, 2015
President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the finalization of the Clean Power Plan (CPP) – a controversial regulation intended to reduce carbon emissions from U.S. power plants.
• Reduction in sea level -- to the depths of three sheets of paper.
• Reduction in global temperatures -- to .02 degrees Celsius.
"Now, one of the ways America is leading is by transitioning away from dirty energy sources that threaten our health and our environment, and by going all-in on clean, renewable energy sources like wind and solar . . ."
In developing the CPP, EPA abandoned the longstanding interpretation of section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act. Rather than set an emission standard based upon what available technology could achieve at... Read full report...

Recap of Our January 5 Meeting - The Gangs of Tippecanoe County
Speaker(s): Aaron Johnson, County Juvenile Probation Officer

Aaron provided a VERY informative and disturbing presentation of the local Gang situation. He shared the benefit of his 14+ years experience and research as a County Juvenile Probation Officer with us. The 23 patriots in attendance had many questions and comments. Of course, NONE of his clients had 2 parent homes. Things we can do to mitigate? Mentor (Big brother/Big Sister/Scouting/Church Youth Groups/etc. Thanks, all!

Recap of Our December 1 Meeting - Blue Print for Freedom:
Speaker(s): Connie Eckert, mother, small business owner, and former teacher

Connie's mixed/multi media presentation was an eye-opening synopsis of how far the Progressive/Left has permeated our society's institutions. Education (public AND parochial)and many churches have fallen in line with Common Core, Agenda 21 et al. But she didn't stop there: Blue Print For Freedom shows us how and where we can push back against this insidious disease by targeting and/or withholding monetary support and our individual efforts. Thanks SO MUCH, Connie! And GOOD LUCK in your upcoming run for the State House (H83)!

Recap of Our November 3 Meeting - CIA Meeting on Religious Liberty
Speaker(s): Dr. Ron Johnson, Jr., Senior Pastor at the Living Stones Church in Crown Point, IN

From Al Parsons: "It was an action- packed meeting Tuesday night. Kevin is an excellent speaker. And, to my surprise and that of Mike Morris, our majority leader Sen. Hershman showed up about 15 minutes late. Kevin didn’t know and did a great job, talked about the “fix” being in at the State House.

After he finished, we introduced Hershman. He had been invited but never responded and just showed up. I suspect that will teach him to be more organized.

Hershman spoke for 7-8 minutes, denied the fix was in and wanted to know Kevin’s legislative sources. Of course, Kevin was not going to reveal his confidential sources. Then Hershman berated us a bit for being over concerned, said he would not support the LGBT proposal if it impacted religious freedom, etc.

I watched his face while Kevin spoke. I think he was surprised that the Pastor’s Alliance is organizing. And, I think he got the message that we are going all in to oppose SOJI. Timing was accidental but great! One of our best... Read full report...

Recap of Our October 6 Meeting - James Harris Vetrans Affairs Officer
Speaker(s): James Harris, Vetrans Affairs Officer

James Harris, (MAJ, USA, Retired) spoke for a few minutes on his new position and how he planned to do outreach to area Veteran's. BEST OF LUCK, Jim!
Our table at the Lafayette Gun Show handed out about 100 US and Indiana Constitutions. We collected about 50 names/POC's.
Thanks to Rick Dewitt from the MCTP for helping out!!

Recap of Our September 1 Meeting - Review, Planning and Open Forum UPDATE
Speaker(s): YOU

Round table patriot discussions included an update from Paul Morrinville who has been fighting to help inventors preserve intellectual property rights. He discussed how a $1000 per plate dinner in Washington turned Committee members against independent patent owners and in favor of infringing corporations.

Recap of Our August 4 Meeting - The Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC):
Speaker(s): John Pickerell of Montgomery County will speak

Recap of Our June 2 Meeting - Taxed Enough Again?
Speaker(s): Ron Holcomb, CEO Tipmont REMC

Presenting to a packed room, Tipmont REMC CEO Ron Holcomb gave his perspective on the electric power future for his customers.

Holcomb reported that the rate of power plant retirements across the country due to proposed environmental regulations can cause reliability risks to the electric grid. The National Electric Reliability Council (NERC) has sent a report to the Environmental Protection Agency urging caution in forced retirement of base-load plants that don’t meet the new requirements. Reducing CO2 levels by 20% can also negatively affect rates. (Some estimates range from 30-60%, editor’s note.)

The CEO noted Tipmont’s generation and transmission company (Wabash Valley) has one of the most diversified power supply portfolios in the state. “This diversity strategy is important to manage the risks presented by all fuel types,” he said.

“Renewables (solar, wind, etc.) are gaining traction… due to declining cost, “he continued. On a residential scale, they are... Read full report...

Recap of Our May 5 Meeting - The Google War on Patents
Speaker(s): Paul Morinville, US Inventor

Paul Morinville stood up against a multi-million dollar corporate lobby and started winning. He worked at a grass roots level going door to door in Washington, found partners with common interests, and even helped design a new online way for everybody to collaborate. His presentation was an inspiration to everyone who dreams of ending the coin operated, big money controlled law making in Washington.

Recap of Our April 7 Meeting - School Safety
Speaker(s): Aaron Gilman, TSC School Resource Officer

School safety is both professional and personal for speaker Aaron Gilman. His wife teaches at a county high school and his children are in a county elementary school. This recognized School Resource Officer (SRO) provided an overview of the Tippecanoe County School system safety program.

Recap of Our March 3 Meeting - Planning for 2016 and The American Future
Speaker(s): Leaders, Members, and Others

This open mic meeting will help shape the American Future. New members were welcomed who shared ideas for 2015. Citizens in Action patriots are already working on state issues like education and writing to Federal regulatory agencies to oppose EPA overreach on air standards affecting our power plants, driving energy costs up. For our Second Amendment friends, we continue to address phony government classification of hunting ammunition to illegal ban sales.

Recap of Our February 3 Meeting - The Constitutional Patriots
Speaker(s): Lee Crannell

Lee Crannell is one of the founders of the Central Coalition of Indiana Tea Parties which helps patriot groups work together on important issues, including Common Core. He is also recognized in the business community and aerospace industry as a successful executive and leader. Lee addressed how we can join forces and unite our common interests to help Indiana preserve all of the freedom and opportunity afforded by our United States Constitution.

The Constitutional Patriots of Carmel, Indiana understand the Constitutional limits on government and are recognized for nearly 5 years of effectively influencing the Indiana legislature to stay within its boundaries.

"The two enemies of the people are criminals and the government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become a legalized version of the first." - Thomas Jefferson

Recap of Our January 6 Meeting - New Year Kickoff Meeting
Speaker(s): Open Microphone Meeting

Patriots and team leaders joined together to discuss ideas to help grow our ranks in 2015 along with political and social issues which should be on the agenda. Outreach and education programs were discussed along with ideas for the Citizens in Action message and upcoming opportunities to spread the word to other interested and concerned citizens.

Recap of Our December 2 Meeting - The State of the Veterans Administration
Speaker(s): A Distinguished Panel

Our December meeting gave panelists an opportunity to share their experiences navigating the bureaucracy encountered by local veterans trying to claim earned VA benefits. Two Gulf War veterans and our local CIA leader described their claim submission processes and the frustrating, never ending re-submission and decision process. The Veterans Administration was planned for representation by Randall ("Randy") Fairchild; however, Mr. Fairchild opened by advising our Patriots that he is not actually an employee or representative of the Veterans Administration. He works for "The Veteran Services Office," a local government function which provides a social worker of sorts to help Veterans understand VA benefits rules. As such, Fairchild is without authority to assure the proper handling of VA claims.

Fairchild explained his mode of assistance as trying to win results through understanding benefits rules while being nice to VA claim handlers on behalf of local Veterans, hopefully catching more flies "with sugar," as he... Read full report...

Recap of Our November 6 Meeting - Election Day: Celebration, a Little Commiseration, 2016 Kick Off
Speaker(s): Open Mic Meeting

The evening after the polls closed was characterized by weather best described as chilly and rotten, but Patriots sill arrived to discuss how we will grow our ranks and contribute to educating American voters through 2016 and beyond.

Plans include new "missions" which let every Patriot come forward with experience, talent, and motivation to become part of America's new leadership.

Our top focus areas were also presented: Grow membership, promote the US Constitution, and support our local and national candidates who support fiscal responsibility, smaller government, and our Constitution.

After we completed a successful annual business meeting, Patriots shifted locations to watch the election results, hear Republication Todd Rokita accept another term in office, and congratulate Chuck Hockema for taking on Tippecanoe County's toughest and oldest incumbent, almost winning and making it clear her liberal agenda is losing its glitter here in Tippecanoe... Read full report...

Recap of Our October 7 Meeting - Common Core, True Facts Exposed
Speaker(s): Susan Lile and Dave Read

Indiana citizens and dedicated Patriots Sue Lile and Dave Read delivered a well researched presentation on the Common Core mandate and agenda, including informative background on how the No Child Left Behind Act evolved as the financial leverage point to force the Common Core political and profit agenda upon the American people.

Education expert Dave Read spent 34 years with education publisher Herff Jones where he held senior executive positions. He is active in his community and Dave is a leader of The Tea Party of Hamilton County. Sue Lile is a small business owner in Zionsville holding equally impressive credentials, including being co-founder of Constitutional Patriots and a Vice President of the Indiana Tea Party. Sue is also serves on the education committee within the Coalition of Central Indiana Tea Parties.

Very few topics impact the long term prospects for America as much Common Core. Its frightening potential to carry out hidden long term political and financial agendas is a central issue... Read full report...

Recap of Our September 2 Meeting - Transparency, Taxes & Opportunity
Speaker(s): Candidate Chuck Hockema

District 27 state representative candidate Chuck Hockema presented important government transparency and tax system issues in an interesting PowerPoint presentation. As if we are not "Taxed Enough Already," Chuck revealed an amazing collection of Indiana taxation programs which simply cost more to administer than they generate in revenue. It is past time to get smart and stop this government waste right here in Indiana. He presented opportunities bound to have a positive impact on all Hoosiers, and you are encouraged to cast your vote to make Indiana government operate more efficiently and productively for everyone. Chuck studied economics and finance at Purdue and focused his law school studies on tax issues. He is a lifelong entrepreneur and has started several local businesses.

Recap of Our August 5 Meeting - A Meeting of the Minds....
Speaker(s): Steve Meyer (D) and Rebecca Trent (R) - Candidates for Superior Court 2 Judge

Lafayette Patriots learned about credentials, experience, and motivations driving two candidates to run for Superior Court 2 Judge:Lafayette Patriots learned about credentials, experience, and motivations driving two candidates to run for Superior Court 2 Judge:

"Superior Court No. 2 is one of seven courts of record in Tippecanoe County. Along with Circuit Court and Superior Court, it hears major criminal cases (murders, Class A, B, C and certain Class D felonies), dissolutions and plenary civil cases. . The judge of Superior Court No. 2 alternates with the other judges in hearing emergency petitions. The Magistrate assists Superior Court No. 2 in conducting initial hearings and setting bond. The Juvenile Magistrate assists in hearing cases involving child support delinquency."

Citizens in Action thanks our candidates and patriots for coming out for this important, pre-election day event. Candidates began by answering planned questions about their qualifications. Of course, Citizens in Action then... Read full report...

Recap of Our July 1 Meeting - The Convention of States
Speaker(s): District Captain Diane Gomez

If you think the folks in Washington may be stepping out of bounds, all you need to do is find 34 states to agree with you, then get them all together for a "convention of states." If at least 38 states agree with your idea, the law of the land will change.

Diane Gomez introduced Mark Levin's scholarly book and analysis of Article V of the United States Constitution and discussed Indiana Senate Pro Tempore David Long's Model Legislation for amending the Constitution. Diane provided her thoughts on how this approach to restoring America is becoming real. Patriots tired of Washington excuses, scandal, and waste are seriously exploring this constitutionally sanctioned approach to solving the unprecedented big government dysfunction. Here's how it works:

1. At least 34 states submit applications for a convention dealing with the same subject.
2. Congress then must set a date and time for the start of the convention.
3. The convention drafts language for proposed amendments on the topics... Read full report...

Recap of Our June 3 Meeting - On the record... News Media, Editorial Content, and Politics
Speaker(s): Columnist Dave Bangert

Dave agreed to share his thoughts on the rapidly changing media business, including how this staple of the American breakfast table is changing like never before. Our planned agenda included a two way discussion of news media, editorial content, and politics, including Dave's thoughts on how they all mix... and, then he heard from you.

Dave gave us tips on becoming relevant in the public dialog, including how to approach editors and reporters with a story idea or your opinion. Regardless of whether you're "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore" or just interested in letting folks know about a really cool event, like this one, Dave delivered tips on how to jump over the wall to get yourself, and your ideas, in the news. Dave advised, "It's a little like fishing. You won't catch a fish every time you throw a line in, but keep trying."

Recap of Our May 6 Meeting - Washington's War on Patent Ownership - The Politics of Patents
Speaker(s): Paul Morinville, Independent Inventor

Paul Morinville is an Indiana independent inventor, entrepreneur, and founder of Independent Inventors of America, a non-profit inventor support organization. When Washington politicians launched an assault on the US patent system, the private intellectual property rights of patent owners, Paul decided he could not stay home and ignore it.

"Imagine owning a farm where other people show up and grow crops on your land, then keep all the profits. If you try to stop them, the government calls you an evil land owner troll and proposes a law to block you from suing squatters illegally farming on your land. That's what's happening in the world of patents."

The simple bargain you can make with the United States Patent Office is this: When you agree to share your secret, you get a twenty year right to exclusively own your invention - clearly a property right like any other that must be protected by law and the courts. Obviously, patent rights (like any other property rights for that matter)... Read full report...

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